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Advantages of the Aercrete System:
  • Easy-to-haul trailer for on-site production
  • Variable density from 400 (25) to 1800 (120) kg/m3 (pcf)
  • Output capacity of up to 25 (30 ) m3/hr (yd3/hr)
  • Numerically controlled, continuous volumetric mixing
  • Complete system – just add water!
  • Consistent results with minimal variations
  • Finished end result straight from inexpensive dry materials
  • Eliminates unnecessary material transport costs
  • Built-in concrete pump with long reach
  • User friendly computer control
  • No costly set-up or tuning before each job
  • No short deliveries or over runs
  • No "profit sharing" with batch plants
Advantages of Aercrete FC Foam Concrete:
  • Wide density range from one single foaming agent – Aercell A-7
  • Compressive strengths from 2 (200) N/mm2 (psi) and up*
  • Flowable and self leveling
  • No packing or vibrating required
  • Good sound absorbtion
  • Easy to escavate and shape with handtools
  • Freeze / thaw resistant
  • Non water absorbing
  • Good thermal insulation*
  • Unaffected by fire and high temperatures
  • Monolithic, does not erode, settle or compact
  • Inexpensive

* see charts under "Data"